Senior Project

All Bard students are required to complete a yearlong senior project. At the end of the project, students defends their thesis at a board with three faculty members.
Photo: Nora Harrington '17 at her senior project board with Professors Mitra and Martell. Nora's project was on gender differences in managerial occupations.

Bard Summer Research Institute

Every summer, students do collaborative research projects with faculty at the Bard Summer Research Institute. Students participating in BSRI are supported with a stipend and on-campus housing.

Photo: Professor Olivier Giovannoni and students Alex Xu '15, Nathan Reece '15 and Arielle Weiner-Bronner '15 at the poster presentation in 2014.


Student Athlete Profile

John Henry Glascock '17

Hometown: East Brunswick, NJ

Sport: Lacrosse

Senior Project: "Before 'IT' Happens Again: Identifying Financial Fragility." (Adviser: Pavlina Tcherneva)

GPA: 3.88

Awards: Adolf Sturmthal Memorial Prize for a senior "who has done outstanding work in the field of economics"

Internships: National Economics and Social Rights Initiative (NESRI), Bard Prison Initiative, Ford Foundation, UBS

After Bard: Macro Strategy Research, UBS, New York

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